100% NASTY

100% NASTY, the new training video by ANTH BAILES AND LEROY DAVIS.
Featuring Dorian Yates and Ernie Taylor. From the creator of Under Construction and Prep: THE SERIES

If you want a REAL workout...
Come and pay us a visit!

Hammer Strength
220lb Dumbbells

Maxxmuscle Gym

Maxxmuscle Gym is an Ego Free Hardworking Environment for serious trainers who are serious about results!
No fluff

Showers, fancy changing rooms. Juice bar, sauna to relax? Sorry, we don't have any of those. We don't want you to 'Relax' when you visit Maxxmuscle Gym

Heavy Duty

We want you to work hard and have a kick ass workout! We have only the best heavy duty equipment: Hammer Strength, Cybex, Nautilus. We have a huge amount of free weights, including dumbells from 5lb to 220lbs!

All Welcome

Whatever your level, from beginner to experienced lifter, we have all you need for an awesome workout! We also have a wide range of cardio equipment to keep you in top shape.

Our Moto

We have a moto: 100% OR NOTHING! If you want a REAL workout... Come and pay us a visit!


Members can pay per session or per week.

Members pay an annual £15 fee.

Each session costs just £2.50 or you can pay £8 weekly.

Non Members

Each session costs just £3.

Maxxmuscle Gym video

We have a large facebook group.

Check out Anth Bailes' Facebook page.

Gym Gallery

We are very proud of our gym. Anth doesn't settle for anything less than the best equipment. Take a look.
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Opening Hours

We are open every day, including bank holidays.
Hardcore hours for our hardcore members.
  • Mon
    8.30am - 8.30pm
  • Tue
    8.30am - 8.30pm
  • Wed
    8.30am - 8.30pm
  • Thu
    8.30am - 8.30pm
  • Fri
    8.30am - 8.30pm
  • Sat
    9.00am - 1.00pm
  • Sun
    9.00am - 1.00pm

Our Team

Our Team works hard to ensure your gym experience is second to none.
Anth Bailes

Anth Bailes IFBB Professional Bodybuilder. Twenty years of bodybuilding experience. Established MaxxMuscle Gym in 2003. Dedicated to making MaxxMuscle Gym the best serious gym in the North.

Mark Bailes

Mark is Anth's brother and works at the gym in the afternoons.

Floyd Bailes
Chief Guard Dog

Floyd Bailes is not only Chief Guard Dog but Chief R&R Demonstrator and mascot for MaxxMuscle Gym.

Personal Training

ANTH BAILES IFBB Professional Bodybuilder. 100% OR NOTHING Personal Training.
Personal Training

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New To Weight Training?
  • Anth will take you through a workout and show you correct exercise selection and execution.
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Been training a while?
  • Want to add some knowledge to your workouts and improve your results?
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Ready for the next level?
  • Want Anth to put you through an insane workout with some of his high intensity techniques? Experienced trainers only.
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Anth Bailes

MaxxMuscle Gym is the home of owner and IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Anth Bailes.

  • Name : Anthony Bailes
  • Date Of Birth : 08-06-1977
  • Birthplace : County Durham / UK
  • Residence : Tyne and Wear / UK
  • Occupation : Gym Owner / Manager, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
  • Height : 5 feet 6.5 Inches
  • Offseason Weight : 240lbs
  • Contest Weight : 205 - 210lbs
  • Favourite Quote - "Masakatsu Agatsu" ( True Victory Is Victory Over Oneself )
  • Facebook Page: Anth Bailes


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